Tuesday, 30 June 2015

very strawberry...

I made this strawberry keyring using panels of red felt. I added yellow French knots all over the panels to represent the seeds. I blanket stitched the panels together to form a cone shape, I then stuffed it before closing up the gap completely. I used green felt and cut out a pointy flower shape to make the leaves. I back stitched all the way around the edge and attached it in the centre, to the strawberry.  instead of using ribbon for this keyring, I made my own loop at the top.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

alex the elephant!!


I used the alex pattern from the debbie shore bags galore cd-rom. i used some elephant and matching spot canvas fabric. I added a pop of colour by using red fabric lining and webbing for the handles.
this project was quite easy to make and only required a straight stitch, which makes this perfect for a beginner. i chose to add the magnetic clasp and a inside zip pocket shown on the pattern. To keep it simple you could leave these out.
I hope you like my new make...

i carried a watermelon...

a friend requested a watermelon, after seeing my previous  keyring's. I cut a circle of green felt, a slightly smaller one in white and a slight smaller one again out of pink. I used coloured embroidery floss/ thread to add some details and secure the layers together. I folded my circle in half to find the centre and stitched a ribbon loop on the back. I cut out another circle of green felt, to the same size. I folded this in half, then trimmed either side down to make an elipse. I blanket stitched along one side attaching the front to the back, I then stuffed the watermelon. I made sure the shape was right and made any adjustments, by just trimming the felt a little. when I was happy with the shape I blanket stitched it all together, I added a bit more stuffing before I closed up the gap completely. I added on my metal keyring hoop to finish.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

doggie bag

I customized this canvas tote to carry the essentials when on the move with my dog Millie. I added letters and butterflies die cut from Tilda fabric. They were heat 'n' bonded then secured with free motion stitching. If you would like more details, visit my other blog at http://craftylilmouse.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/a-totally-great-tote.html 

money, money, money!!

i made this little apron to keep money secure when doing a craft fair or market stall. i recycled some jeans that didn't fit as the main material for this project. If you want to make your own, follow the steps below...
  1. cut off the leg to the required length, then cut up both of the seams (you could just cut one seam and keep the other as the base of the apron).
  2. if you want extra detail, add this now, (I added an applique butterfly with free motion stitching to the front of mine.)
  3. add the zip to the top of the apron on the front and apron tape to the back section (make sure its long enough to fasten around your waist). 
  4. put right sides together and stitch all the way around the rectangle (no need to leave a gap for turning, just remember to undo the zip enough to turn the fabric through!!)
  5. once you have sewn that, overlock or zigzag stitch around again for strength.
  6. turn out and press.
You now have a finished money apron. the next steps are not needed, so if your just a beginner or prefer a simple design you can stop and admire your work. If you want to add more, follow these last two steps...
  1. mark a line where you would like a divide then draw a line to about half / three quarters way up, then sew up this line.
  2. add bias binding around the edges for extra colour and decoration.

an apple a day...

to make this cute keyring i simply cut my felt out using my hand drawn template as a guide. i layered the felt pieces together, using backstitch then added satin stitched pips for detail. i cut out two leaf shapes glued these together and used a back stitch to secure them. i attached a ribbon loop and the leaf onto the back panel of the apple. i used a blanket stitch to secure the front to the back, leaving a gap for stuffing. once stuffed I stitched up the gap and add a metal keyring to finish!!


i hand-stitched this cute owl key ring from some felt. to make a pattern i used the SU! owl punch to cut a piece of paper. i photocopied this to enlarge to the size i wanted. (i think that keyrings need to be big enough to be able to sew and stuff but not too large for general use.) i cut all my pattern pieces out in felt and used some embroidery thread/floss to attach the appliqued elements. when i was happy with my design i attached a loop of ribbon to the back piece of felt. i blanket stitched the 2 pieces together, leaving a small gap to be able to stuff it. (a nice padded effect is good, but do not over stuff). once stuffed, finish the blanket stitching to close up the gap and add your keyring to the ribbon loop.

more felt projects coming soon...

Monday, 15 June 2015


I have had a blog for a few years now, focussing on paper crafting (http://craftylilmouse.blogspot.com/). I have been making cards, scrapbooking and home d├ęcor... basically anything I could think of to make with paper or card! I was also doing some hand stitching and cross stiches. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and have been hooked ever since. I have started patch-working, making bags, customising items and dress making. I decided to start this new blog as a place to share my sewing projects. I hope you enjoy!