Sunday, 8 November 2015

Lest we forget...

thought I would just share this special make for remembrance sunday...

if you want to make your own poppy, you will need:
  • some red and green felt
  • some embroidery floss (or use multiple strands of standard cotton)
  • a black button.
  • a brooch back/ finding
  • fabric glue (optional)
I only use a backstitch and blanket stitch to create these poppies, which makes them easy to sew. I made a simple version with one layer and some stitch detail and another with an extra petal layer for added detail. I used fabric glue to help hold the layers of felt together and create more structure, but they would work without this.
Cut your felt shapes using the pattern pieces above. I added veins to the front leaf shape using backstitch. I added a brooch back to the second leaf shape before blanket stitching these two together. I stitched the button onto the first flower shape to form a centre (marked with an x on the template). I stitched the leaf onto the back of the other flower piece, (I tacked this on by only going through the first layer of felt of the leaf so that the stitches didn't show on the back.)  I then blanket stitched the two flower pieces together to finish my poppy.
For the more detailed flower, choose either petal 1 or petal 2 and cut these, along with the flower and the leaf shapes. I blanket stitched the two petal pieces together. I then secured a button where the cross on the pattern is. I then stitched the petal to the centre of the front flower shape lining the edges of the petals up. I made my leaf the same way as before and attached this to the other flower shape. The final step is to blanket stitch the two flower shapes together.