Sunday, 29 January 2017

simple little zipper pouch ...

Cut 2 outer fabric and 2 lining fabric @ 4 1/2" x 5 1/2"
you will also need a coordinating coloured thread and a minimum of 6 " zip (I used an 8" and trimmed down later as this is what I had in). I also like to add a little handmade label (this is taken from a length of printed ribbon)
 Layer a lining right side up, then the zip teeth facing up and outer fabric right side down. Pin along the top edge of the zip, keeping everything in line.
Using the zipper foot on the sewing machine, sew along the edge leaving around 1/4" seam allowance. Press the seam.
Flip the fabric so the right sides are facing outwards and press again. Now top stitch along to edge to hold the fabric away from the zip for a neat finish.
Now, repeat for the other side of the zip, (see above for what the layers should look like)
Once top stitched, your project should look something like the image above.
Now lay the fabric so the lining pieces are right sides together and the outer fabrics are right sides together. You need to  make sure the zip is partly open (so you can turn your project through once sewn). The zipper teeth need to be pushed down towards the lining, (see picture above).
If you are adding a handmade label, you should insert this now. Fold into a loop so the right sides face out, then place between the lining fabrics part way down the side seam. Ensure the writing is facing the right way up and both ends of the label are securely pinned into the seam allowance. 
 Now sew around the outer edge, remembering to leave a gap in the lining. Press, then turn to check its all ok. Now turn back through to the inside and trim any excess from the ends of the zip. Now, over lock (or zig-zag stitch using your normal machine) around the edge for extra strength.
You can now turn through and use a slip stitch to close the hole in the lining. You can see in the above image how the handmade label has been secured into the lining seam. Once happy, give it all a final press.
Your finished pouch should measure 5" x 4". You could adjust the size of the fabric and zip to make your own version larger or smaller as you wish, (just add 1/2" on to the finished size you want to allow for seams).