Friday, 2 December 2016

oliver snowman

I created this large stocking for my other cousin, in the same way as the previous one here. This time, I chose the snowman fabric and personalised with his name.

lucy owl

I made this large stocking as a Christmas gift for my cousin. I chose this cute owl fabric with a plain red for lining and the top band. I personalised one side with her name as an extra special touch, but this is optional and could be left out or swapped for an alternative embellishment. I scaled this stocking up to be big enough for lots of presents, but you can make it any size you like ... just buy the fabric accordingly.

Here's how I made it:
  1. To create a pattern draw a stocking shape onto some baking paper/newspaper. Cut this out. For the second pattern piece draw around the stocking shape but add 4" to the top edge. Cut out this 2nd pattern piece and label lining. 
  2. Cut 2 stocking shapes from patterned fabric and 2 lining pieces from a contrasting coloured fabric using the lining pattern. *If you want to personalise your stocking you need to do so now before starting to constructing your stocking*
  3. Sew 1 piece of patterned fabric to 1 piece of lining fabric, right sides together, along the top edge of the stocking. Repeat for the remaining 2 pieces of fabric.
  4. Lay both sewn pieces out flat, right sides together (lining to face lining, pattern to face pattern) and pin all the way around the edge. Be sure you match the seam you have already sewn.  
  5. To create a loop for hanging, cut a length of ribbon and bring the ends together to create a loop. Then place the loop 3" down from the seam in between the right sides of the lining fabric, leaving the cut ends just peeking out. When you sew around the edge, the loop should become secured in the seam.
  6.  Machine stitch around the stocking leaving a gap in the lining, for turning out. 
  7. Turn the stocking right sides out, through the gap and press with an iron. Hand stitch the gap in the lining using a slip stitch. Push the lining inside the stocking and fold the top cuff over to finish.
* To personalise the stocking, I decided to add the name. To do this, I backed some of my lining fabric with heat n bond iron on adhesive (sewable). I then die cut letters from this fabric using my sizzix bigz alphabet die set. I positioned these onto the patterned fabric and removed the backing to stick down, once I was happy with the placement. I ironed the pieces to fix the bond before securing with free motion machine stitching around each letter.*

I think this makes for a nice simple but effective gift, perfect for the season. I hope you can follow my instructions to enjoy making your own... Any questions please comment below. I would also love to see any of your makes, simply tag me on @craftylilmouse on instagram or post on my facebook !!