Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Q3 & Q4 plans...

It is time to look at my finish along Q3 finishes and make my plans for Q4. Quite simply I have made some progress on projects but not actually finished anything this quarter. Technically I have finished my birthday stitchers swap gifts, but since I can’t share them yet, they don’t count! 
I have got very distracted and have started, and actually finished a few other things. I am disappointed but that’s just the way this quarter has gone and I need to forget it and move on.
Rather than my normal round up and new list, I have just added what progress (if any) I have made. Unfortunately I have to add a few more projects I have started too.
This list is still so long, I just need to face the reality I definitely won’t finish my list this year, not even half. So I have decided to prioritise some projects that need to be done and selected just a couple of wants. 

  • birthday stitchers projects- all finished, just need wrapping, will show you in Q4!
  • Christmas project for escape and create blog- almost finished and so excited to share
  • Annie's advent
  • Christmas pouch ig swap
  • butterfly cross stitch- progress
  • jo's gifts
  • Christmas stocking SAL
  • my advent
  • finish my meadowland quilt- still needs binding!
  • an EPP case for myself (as a pattern release too)- made progress 
  • Cork and liberty pouch- progress
  • car accessories/quilt- the quilt top is made!
  • a heather ross quilt- did a little bit but not enough to really consider it progress.
  • pin badge banner
  • unicorn pouch
  • green blanket 
  • Christmas bunting
  • Christmas cross stitch
  • polar bear cushions
  • liberty HST quilt
  • Tasha noel seaside skirt
  • adele dress
  • makers mat SAL- skipping this year, hopefully next year
I have taken part in the Saturday night craft along swap for a few years now, I really don't want to miss it. I will see how things go though.
Of course I have made some more progress on my ice cream soda quilt, although im not expecting that to get finished this year at all... maybe not even next. 

 so that's it...wish me luck!
I am using the #2019falcraftylilmouse for all my finish-a-long projects, if you wish to check them out.
If you want to join in the finish-a-long please go visit the blog here


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  1. Good luck with your projects this quarter! And on behalf of the 2019 FAL hosts, thank you for participating in Q4!