Monday, 22 April 2019

Easter bunny bag

I made this cute drawstring bag as an Easter gift for a little girl. I bought the ‘bunny tales’ by lucie crovatto by studio e fabrics and some carrot fabric (I don’t know the name and my fq doesn’t have a salvage), a while ago and knew it would be perfect for this project. I added some dashwood twist fabric and some pale blue ribbon that I thought matched the fabrics. I made the pouch with a boxed base so that a bunny soft toy would sit inside and in years to come there is space for plenty of chocolate eggs. I took extra time and care to stitch the turning gap up neatly so the bag is also reversible.

This isn’t a tutorial but if you're interested in the measurements (also so I have a reference point) I have written them below:
4 @ 7” x 9” with a 2 1/4” square cut from all the bottom corners
2 @ 1 1/2” x 8”
2 pieces of ribbon approximately 25”


Sunday, 21 April 2019

Easter bunny hoop

I bought a daffodil patch cross stitch kit from hobbycraft and thought it would make a lovely Easter decoration. I stitched it last summer but since Easter had already gone, I didn’t finish it til now. 
To make my hoop art decoration I firstly chose my hoop size and drew around the hoop onto some card, I used this to make a template for later. I took my finished stitched panel and placed into an embroidery hoop. I pulled the fabric nice and tight into the hoop and used a screw driver to really tighten the top, then trimmed the fabric to be an even size all around. I added glue to the inside of the wood frame and stuck the fabric down neatly. 
I then made sure my card circle was the right size to cover the back of my hoop and cut a piece of yellow fabric, adding a good 1/4” for seam allowance around the card template. I did a running stitch around the edge of the fabric and pulled the ends to tighten the fabric around the card. I ironed this then let it cool. I removed the card to be just left with the fabric circle. I laid this onto the back of the hoop and stitched in place, using a ladder stitch with some neutral cotton. I had to bend a needle to make it easier for me to stitch it neatly. 
The final thing to do was add the ribbon for it to be hung up. I took a length of yellow gingham ribbon and tied a knot to secure both ends together creating a loop. I then threaded the ribbon loop through the gap near the screw and hooked it through itself to secure to the hoop, with the knot positioned under the screw. I cut a second piece of ribbon and wrapped it around, to cover the knot and most of the metal bar that would be on show, and tied it into a cute bow with the ends trimmed to size. 

A friend celebrates Easter much more than I do, so I have decided to gift this decoration. Since I am gifting this, it needed a box. I used kraft card to make a square base. The hoop is slightly longer than wide due to the fixings at the top, so to stop it shuffling around in the box I used cream card to make an insert. This holds the hoop snugly in place. I made an acetate lid, to just slot in between the 2 pieces. I’m really happy with how this turned out and think it looks quite professional. 
This was also one of my finish-a-long projects, although I finished it in Q1 I am going to enter it into Q2 since I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. You can read more about my finish-a-long projects here.


Thursday, 11 April 2019

Finish-a-long Q1 round up and Q2 list!

It’s time for a finish-a-long round up and my plans for Q2. 

Firstly the projects I managed to finish in Q1, this was my list...

  • Finish the pouch made from my 100 hexies: I did this first and am using it to store and travel with my ice cream soda quilt. You can see this here.
  • A patchwork for my nana’s 80th birthday: no I didn’t but I will have to next month!
  • The unicorn pouch I didn’t finish last quarter: still not finished!
  • Bambi gifts: yay! I made them. It looked so cute and were happily received. The frame I won’t be entering as it isnt sewing related but you can see the cushion here
  • Mermaid cross stitch: this was my latest finish and you can see it here.
  • Micky quilt: this was a joy to make and gift. It come together so quick and I was very happy with it. You can read about this here.
  • 2 Easter projects: I have made these but since they are gifts I won’t be posting them til Q2
  • Continue making my advent calendar: no progress. 
  • Pin badge banners: not even looked at it!
  • The blocks for abbie: I finally finished them, not quite how I expected but she loves them. You can read about them here.
  • Car acsessiories: a recent destash purchase has meant the plan has changed slightly but I will hopefully be doing these Q2.
  • Birthday stitchers swap project 1: I did it, but have realised I won’t be able to share til later this year. I do still need to keep making though.
  • Send a little love swap: finished this (see here) and it has sparked an idea, so I have started the process and am excited.
Plus I’d love to make a start on my ice cream soda Epp (I only managed 3 blossoms but at least it’s a start), postage stamp quilt (a little more cutting but not really anything major) and my liberty quilt (I little more planning and cutting but nothing to shout about).

I thought it was a totally unrealistic list, but have surprised myself by finishing almost half! I am super happy about my progress, especially when I started a few more projects too. The main thing I started in Q1 is a quilt that has been a long while coming. Although I am not finished, I am almost there and the top will hopefully be finished by the end of this week. 

Time to plan my Q2 list and this is what I have chosen-
  • Easter gifts (slightly cheating as they are made, although thought I’d include since I need to remember to actually post them!)
  • My meadowland quilt (hopefully to be long armed but will need binding)
  • My nanas 80th birthday gift
  • Car accessories 
  • Unicorn pouch
  • Pin badge banners
  • Green blanket
  • Adele dress
  • Liberty cushion
  • Birthday stitchers swap project 2&3 (I know I can’t post but I do need to do them)
  • Postage stamp quilt
  • My first proper pattern release 
Plus I want to do a bit more on my ice cream soda quilt, hopefully more than last quarter.

This list is probably unrealistic again, but you never know unless you try. Plus I have to start somewhere on my very big list, which I must admit is constantly growing. Is everyone else the same?

Best get making and finishing those projects... 
If you fancy joining in too, click link here to the blog and find a host, alternatively, go check out their account and hashtag over on Instagram.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Send a little love swap...

I signed up to take part in the IG based swap for valentines. It was the #sendalittleloveswap2019 which was a quite fun little swap to take part in. I signed up just before I made my Q1 finish-a-long list so I decided I would add it to my list. I knew it would be an easy finish since I hate to let people down, so I knew it would be completed on time. This Blog post about it is little bit late though. I have the worst memory and basically forgot to write it til now when it’s time to link up our finishes. I would forget my own head if it wasn’t screwed on!
On to the swap...
It was a small swap that was to be love themed and opened on Valentine’s Day. There was a £10-£12 budget and you needed to include:

  • A heart shaped item
  • Something edible 
  • Stationary 
  • Craft notion
  • Handmade item

I was partnered with @susyb65 and her inspiration mosaic was brilliant. There were so many wonderful ideas , I was very tempted to do a few of them. The swap did say 1 handmade item though and given personal time restrictions I decided it was best to just make the one thing and buy the others.


I found a very simple ceramic hanging heart decoration, it was embossed with the word love and I thought was quite nice. I had noticed we shared the love of malteaser buttons so got the biggest bag I could find. For stationary I found a couple of notebooks with hearts on and thought they were so lovely (wish I had bought myself some too) of course I just had to include a coordinating pen too. I was spoiled for choice when it come to picking a craft notion. I spotted these cute love themed ribbons and since sue does multiple crafts I thought they would be perfect.

Lastly was the handmade item, this was more challenging deciding what to make. I was all set to make a draw sting project bag/basket, when sue made herself one. I finally opted instead to create my own zip pouch pattern. Fabric choice was the next decision, I posted a couple of fabric options on ig and was very happy when sue commented her favourite. 
It was a nice pouch to make and after a few suggestions to make it in to a pattern, I am now in the process of doing so! I’m so excited but more on that in the next few months.

Now to share what I received from the lovely @michellehollyoak


I was sent some malteser buttons, a pen and little heart shaped paper clips, some Riley Blake fabric and a needle felting kit. She also made a lavender filled heart (with her home grown lavender) and a crochet market tote. A hexie coaster was also sent as a little extra.  I love all my gifts and am especially excited to try the needle felting. This swap made me feel very spoilt this Valentine’s Day.